Web Applications Development

We build Web applications using the Microsoft Framework

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Social Networks Integration

We provide integration between you website, application and Social networks.

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Salesforce & CRM

Web provide development and customization and development of CRM applications using Salesforce to build the most efficient tools to run your business

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We operate to serve multiple customers across the globe by setting up virtually dedicated teams

We operate to serve customers across the globe, we work remotely & onsite, our experiences enables us to produce high quality software at a very competitive global rate. Virtual dedicated teams can be available 24/7 to support your projects and your business.

Why Logicteca Solutions?

Logicteca Solutions is the new age of outsourced Software Development, Logicteca is the leading outsourcing solution that most organizations have been looking for. We are an Outsourced Software Development Company with a proven track record. Logicteca is a U.S based company with worldwide operations in Canada and the Middle East that specializes in web applications development and support. Our corporate structure enables us to develop software applications at extremely competitive rates giving our customers the best of both worlds, trusted business transactions and low development cost. We have developed one of the best outsourcing models and named it, “Minimum Risk Model”. The model is designed to simplify the outsourcing process and minimize the risk factor in any software development project.

We are highly skilled in the development of Web, Desktop and Mobile applications.

We will design, implement, deploy and maintain your application bringing you a fully outsourced solutions.