A successful e-commerce website needs to combine a simple but stimulating shopping experience with  a reliable and comprehensive back-end management system. We make the process of online shopping simpler for you and for your customers. At Logicteca we have mastered e-commerce website development and have an existing e-commerce framework that enables us to speedup the development process reducing the the cost of your online-store development. At Logicteca we have two different frameworks for two different types of on-line stores, the first is a simple framework that enables us to do quick customization and lunch your site at record breaking development speeds, and the second is a more advanced sites that require high degree of customizations. The followings describes some of our main ecommerce framework functionality. Our framework is highly flexible making customization of your online store an affordable for your medium or small business.

Web Application and CMS development

Dynamic website content management is a  practical solution for users who require to change their  website content continuously by them self's on regular bases without having to refer to the website developer each time they need to modify the content of their website pages. Logicteca uses a solid frame work that was built using ASP and ASP.NET to develop websites, the flexibility of this framework enables us to build highly dynamic web sites with high degree of customization at record breaking speeds which translates to lower development cost. The methodology of reusing existing frame work to developed dynamic websites makes it possible to provide reliable support for the websites for many years to come.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the main factors to having a successful website, by having a "search engine optimized site" you can increase the number of visitors to your site though search engine referrals. To achieve high ranking for you website, your site's HTML code must follow certain rules and must contain specific keywords. At logicteca we have the tools and the knowledge of search engines algorithms and are able optimize your existing web pages  in matter of days if not not hours to make your site one of top ranked websites on the most popular search engines.

Salesforce Development

Our salesforce experts will put your organization on right track and avoid the pitfalls of salesforce implementation.

Here are some of our salesforce skills and technologies we have under our belt:

Web development: Visualforce, Sites, Pages, public knowledge base, implementing Chatter.

Custom application development: APEX, Classes, Triggers, Controllers, Scheduler, Batch APEX, SOQL, SOSL, and DML

Refactoring and optimization of customer’s existing applications, test covering

AppExchange development: create, update, and maintain AppExchange packages; deploy (publish) apps, manage packages, and create end-user documentation

Mobile development: mobile integration, Salesforce implementation and customization


Social Media Integration

Logicteca social media experts can help you with most value-added social media integration tips and services to enhance the performance of your enterprise app and monetize your business app. Our Social Media experts bring experience, knowledge and expertise in developing and assist in monetizing your app with advanced social media network integration.

Logicteca brings experience in integrating most of the available market APIs from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace, AOL, YouTube, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Vimeo, Pinterest, instagram etc. Logicteca Social Media Platform can set-up, integrate and help you take your customer engagement to a new dimension within minutes.

We are living in a digital world which makes it essential for businesses to have a social media presence. In today’s era’s social media plays a very significant role to raise businesses. You need to connect with your existing customers, reach potential clients, receive feedback and reviews, and to build and strengthen your online brand.