Virtual IT Teams

Our Virtual teams are a great way to enable teamwork in situations where people are not sitting in the same physical office at the same time. Such teams are used more and more by companies and other organizations to cut travel, relocation, real estate, and other business costs. This is particularly for businesses that use virtual organizations to build global presence, outsource their operations, or need less common expertise or skills from people who are reluctant to travel or relocate from their home locations.
Our Virtual teams are governed essentially the by same fundamental principles as traditional teams. Yet, there is one critical difference. This difference is the way the team members communicate. Instead of using the full spectrum and dynamics of in-office face-to-face exchange, they now rely on special communication channels enabled by modern technologies, such as e-mails, faxes, phone calls and skype teleconferences, virtual meetings, and alike. One of the main advantages of Virtual
IT Teams is that they can be assembled and dissembled as LEGO within days without the overhead of Legalities, HR, Learning curve.