About us

Logicteca Solutions Canada is the leading provider of software development and IT solutions. We are an offshore Software Development and IT solutions provider with a proven track record. We specialize in Web Development, Mobile Development, Digital Marketing and IT support.  Our company structure enables us to develop software applications at extremely competitive rates giving our customers the best of both worlds, trusted solutions and low development cost. We have developed one of the best outsourcing models available “Minimum Risk Model”, the model is designed to simplify the outsourcing process and minimize the risk factor in any software development project. We have also adopted the new concept of ”Virtual IT teams”.

Virtual IT teams can operate as an extension of your R&D team. (High-Quality Dev & QA teams possibly at a fraction of your current cost), we operate as a software engineering company, not as freelancers. This is not to replace your current team but the idea of the Extended Virtual Team can shine when you have a surge of Tasks that you want to complete in a limited time frame and when budget restriction does not allow you to maintain a large team at all times. Our structure keeps you more competitive and highly agile as business.


  • Social medial platforms integration.
  • Social Medial/Digital
  • E-commerce.
  • Content Management
  • Web applications
  • Website Desi
  • Mobile Applications
  • Invoicing & Inventory
  • Heath Management
  • CRM Systems integration (inc Salesforce).
  • Server Administration & Application
  • Systems Testing (Black Box & White Box)
  • IT Project Manag

Our Prices

Our prices are very competitive. Our teams are distributed across our remote offices in Canada, United States, The Middle East and India which enables us to operate at lower cost than our competitors. Please contact to obtain a quote.