Social media integration

Our social media experts can help you with most value-added social media integration tips and services to enhance the performance of your enterprise app and monetize your business app. Our Social Media experts bring experience, knowledge and expertise in developing and assisting in monetizing your app with advanced social media network integration.

Logicteca brings experience in integrating most of the available market APIs from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google+, MySpace, YouTube, Instagram etc. Logicteca Social Media Platform can set-up,  integrate and help you take your customer engagement to a new dimension within minutes.

We are living in a digital world which makes it essential for businesses to have a social media presence. In today’s era’s social media plays a very significant role to raise businesses. You need to connect with your existing customers, reach potential clients, receive feedback and reviews, and to build and strengthen your online brand. By using our systems you will be able to make your own users market your site via their social media pages.