E-commerce & Finanace

A successful e-commerce website needs to combine a simple but stimulating shopping experience with a reliable and comprehensive back-end management system. We make the process of online shopping simpler for you and for your customers.  Logicteca we have mastered e-commerce website development and have an existing e-commerce framework that enables us to speedup the development process reducing the cost of your online-store development. We have two different frameworks for two different types of on-line stores, the first is a simple framework that enables us to do quick customization and lunch your site at record speeds, and the second is a more advanced solution that requires a high degree of customizations. The followings describe some of our main ecommerce framework functionalities. Our framework is highly flexible making customization of your online store an affordable for your medium or small business.

  • Inventory control

Our framework enables the site administrator to add an unlimited number of products with a high level of details, the system would indicate to the admin the number of products purchased automatically keeping track of the remaining items in stock, the system can automatically organize orders into manageable format giving the administrators full control of the online store system.

  • Shopping cart

Our framework has a number of shopping carts that can easily integrate with; our existing shopping carts provide ease of use and for various types of customers purchasing experience.


  • Online credit card processing

Our framework has the ability to integrate with various online credit card processing services, enabling instance credit card verification and payment collection.


  • Orders processing & administration

Our frameworks order processing components are highly stable and have a  friendly user interface making it suitable for most online stores order processing work flow.

All our e-commerce components are easily customizable making it possible to modify the online store software to suit your physical order processing operation at a surprisingly low cost.